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How to catch Mahi-Mahi

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Some call them Mahi-mahi, others Dorado or dolphin fish, but one thing that all these agree is that mahi-mahi are some of the most popular game fish. They are known for their spectacular colors and delicious taste. They normally put up a very spirited fight when captured .Some people have joked that the reason why they jump and fight so hard when hooked is because they do not want people to discover and experience their delicious taste as this will threaten their survival. Their abundance, especially in the tropics, fast growth and short life make them favorites for fishermen as well as people who are fishing for leisure.

You may have seen a Dorado on a picture but nothing mesmerizes as much as the sight of the fish when in its real environment. The fish amaze by their ability to change the intensity of their color based on their mood, however this may not be seen when the fish is removed from its environment. The color usually fades away immediately they are pulled onto the fishing boat, out of the water. It will be difficult to convince people who have seen them in those nice pictures that what you have is actually a Dorado. As you aim to catch a mahi-mahi you probably should try to take a photo of the fish when in its natural environment. You can keep it as a reminder of the beauty of your catch and also a proof to the doubting Thomas’s, that what you have is a real mahi-mahi.

How do you distinguish a male from a female?

For curiosity’s sake, you may want to tell whether what you have caught is a male or female Dorado. Males, also referred to as bulls, normally have a large and distinctive flat forehead. When compared to females, they are normally bigger. Anything that weights more than 25lbs will most likely be a male. The females are smaller in size.

How to catch them

They are normally creatures which like open water environment, you will mostly find them in floating debris. Any area with gloating objects is worth looking for if you want to get your catch, and a good one for that matter.  Chum them and you will get them moving, they are pelagic although on some rare occasions they can be caught from the shores.

Luring them                                                  Related image

Trolling lures like those meant for sail fish or feathers for tuna will do the magic. You can also use hit troll plugs. You might be surprised by the amount of lure that these fishes will eat, they are a greedy lot, or is it that they want to have the best of their last meal? Popper is also a good lure; many people have found it perfect as the mahi-mahi will readily eat it. While at it, you have to be on the lookout especially on the heavier lures, as Dorado can really jump and the lure may come flying back in your direction at a high speed.
The baits

Traditional baitfish including sardines and mackerel can help you greatly. The larger fish will need large baits. You may be surprised by how Dorado engulf large bait with their small mouths; this is another amazing thing about these creatures. When fired up, anything that comes their way will be engulfed, whether it is alive or dead.

The above information is just a scratch on the surface as far as catching mahi-mahi is concerned, we invite you to walk with us and get more tips on how you can net these beautiful fish as well as other information about fishing.

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Tips and Techniques on Surf Fishing.

surf castingpngSurf fishing is fun and exciting adventure while enjoying the beach and the surf. It is a method of fishing off the beach, shoreline or wading in the water. The surf fishing rods are extremely long, ranging from 10ft to 15ft and in some cases even longer for custom rods. The purpose of these long rods is to be able to cast beyond the surf, to prevent the surf from bringing your bait back to shore. Most people prefer a good quality Spinning Reel for the surf rods. However some use bait casting reels to get further casting distance. The best line test is 17-25lb. Works well.  FCPTackle offers a wide array of Saltwater Gear.


When casting, the technique is to use both hands and your body to through the bait as far off the shoreline as you can get to avoid being washed back. You use a heavy weight of 3oz or more to cast further and hold bait to the bottom.

There are a number of fishing tackle setups that can be used, but for simplicity the drop rig is used quite often. surf rigspng.pngIt consist of a leader and a couple of swivels with a snap for the hook and the weight that is fixed at the bottom of the rig. The second method is known as the Carolina rig or sometimes called the fishing rig. It consist of a slip snap that has a large clip to install the weight. This slip snap allows the bait to move through it while still allowing the weight to rest at the bottom. You will slide the line through the slip snap and then tie on a swivel. Then you will create a leader of 18-24 inches long and tie on a hook. I usually use a good live bait hook or a sturdy long shaft hook depending on the bait I use. You can experiment with different options as you get use to Surf Fishing. There is a huge variety of Saltwater Fishing Tackle that can be used to suit your preferences.


surf rig 2.pngOne of the most important factors after you are rigged and ready, is to scope out the fishing area at low tide.
Locate areas and structures that might be havens for various species of fish. Use the locals and the local tackle shops for their knowledge of the best locations. Most will like to talk about the fish being caught.

Once you have your spot, then the incoming tide is when you want to fish it. Catch it coming in and fish the high tide. This is the best time as the fish come inward to feed on the bait fish in the area. Figuring out the baits around is also a good idea, that way you can try to use the same types of baits the fish are feeding on. I usually use shrimp. My preference is gulp shrimp. They stay on the hook longer and can be reused several times. They also produce well do to the scents Berkley uses. I sometimes use minnows as well. If Pompano are in the area, dig up some sand fleas, they love them.

You should purchase a really good sturdy rod holder. This is important. The cheap kind can result in lost rods or damaged reels from being dragged in the sand. I use sturdy aluminum spike ones. They work well and don’t fall apart as you are burying them in the sand.

One important factor in Surf Fishing to remember, People are everywhere on the beaches, including swimming in the water. So be very mindful of them. Very easy to sling those large rods and hit someone. Also be mindful of currents and undertows if you are wading in the water. They can be very dangerous, especially if you are using waders.

The most important part of it all is have fun and catch a few rays to improve the sun tan along with the many fish species that are running through.big fishpng

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Good Luck and Happy Catch!! Remember to take a kid fishing!!

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Ever wonder why some Fishermen catch more fish than others, Here are some tips and tricks to catch more fish!

Often to many times you head out on your fishing trip with high expectations of filling the boat with more fish than you can count. Then while out on the water, you realize you are not meeting your imagined quota, but you noticed that several others are. Is it just a bad day for you or is there more to it? Maybe the other fishermen know something that you don’t! Here are some tips and tricks that might even the playing field.


  1. How to use the Texas Rig for plastic baits:

Texas Rig or Weed less Rig, as it is sometimes called, is the most widely used among fishermen because of its ability to move your baits through heavy cover and most weeds without  getting hung. It is a simple process of using a variety of worm hooks or straight hooks with a bullet weight on top of the hook. Some Senko Worms or Brush Hogs are heavier in weight and do not need the use of weight with it. So first decide on whether or not to use a weight. Sometimes trying it both ways is a good idea to see what the fish prefer. Heavier baits react better without weights. The next step is deciding on the size of hook and variety of hooks you prefer. Gamakatsu or Owner hooks work great for this technique. The size of hook usually is determined by the size of the worm. The larger the worm, the larger the hook. Best way to determine the hook size is to lay the bait down and align the hook beside of it. There should be enough of a gap away from the worm and the hook should reach close to half way in the middle of the bait. Gamakatsu-HookOne other determining factor is the size of the line. The stronger the line, the stronger the hook and larger diameter it will need to be to prevent the hook from breaking before the line. Once you have decided on weight or not and size of hook, start by sliding the hook into the worm on the top of it. Push it in to the start of the bending of the hook, usually about 1/8 of an inch, at this point start rounding the hook so that the tip starts to come out of the side of the bait. Usually the underside. Push the hook all the way to the eyelet of the hook. You will want to bury the top of the hook slightly into the bait so that the weight fits well on top of the bait. From this point, you take the bait where the hook will enter into it in the middle and scrunch the bait upwards slightly and push the tip into the bait. The key is have the bait look as straight as possible and leave no evidence to the fish that there is a hook in the bait. Also make sure not to push the hook all the way through the bait. Just enough to get the barb in. This is what makes it truly weed less. Not to worry, if a fish strikes it, it will move through the bait and set the hook in the fish’s mouth. Presentation is absolutely key here. You want to leave the bait looking as natural as possible, otherwise it will not produce very many strikes.

When fishing Texas Rig, if the water is real muddy, consider using tungsten weights or brass weights with a glass bead or rattle tubes to allow the bait to make noise and draw attention to it. Now that your bait is rigged and ready, it is time to cast it out and start fishing. Cast towards fish holding cover, a little past the point of where you want to fish, so not to spook the fish in that area. Cast it out and allow the bait to sink to the bottom. At this point start to slide and shake the bait of the bottom. Raising the rod upwards and in a slight jerking motion up and then push the rod down to allow the bait to swim off the bottom and fall back to the bottom. Try a couple of different retrieving speeds to find out what the fish like on that particular moment. Generally in cooler water slow the retrieval down, but sometimes that is the best technique even in the summer. This rigging technique is also very good for flipping in heavy cover. Just work the worm up and down in a shaking motion making sure the bait always touches the bottom. All the best bait, weights and hooks are available on our website.

  1. How to use Carolina Rig for plastic baits:

A Carolina Rig is a top bass fishing rig that is one of the most effective rigs in fishing. It often catches fish when other methods do not. It is a simple rig that keeps your bait closest to the bottom and covers a lot of ground at the same time. This type of rig is good for when fish are feeding close to the bottom. When they are hovering at different depths then choose different methods as this isn’t for depths. Start this rig with a 3/4 ounce sinker, a bead and then tie on a swivel. Then tie on a leader usually around 24-30 inches long. Fluorocarbon line is best for this because of it very low visibility and low stretch strength. At the end of the leader, tie on a hook that is used for rigging. Rig the worm or bait with the hook just like you would with Texas rig, but without the bullet weight. Gulp baits work excellent on Carolina rigs, due to their scents. You can and should use good attractants on your baits to attract the fish to your bait trailing behind the weight on your leader. Work the bait similar to Texas rig, but more raising your rod up and down, than shaking it. The leader will allow the bait to flutter more because of the long leader. Give the Carolina Rig a try and hold on to the rod, as it produces strikes quite often.

  1. The third and final bait in this article is the Crank Bait:

Crank baits come in many sizes and shapes and most importantly, depth ranges. There are a tremendous number of colors to choose from in these baits. They all have one common factor which is they have a bill that it used to move the lures under the surface of the water. They are probably the most common baits used for bass fishing. The general rule with these baits is the longer the lip in front of it, the deeper it will dive down in depth. These baits usually have two treble hooks dangling from it and sometimes three. While they can get hung on cover and weeds, these lures usually travel with lip and head in a downward angle the makes the hooks tuck under it and prevent them from hanging up. These baits are cranked in continuously and can be at different retrieval rates, and should be at different speeds until you find what the fish are desiring on that day in that particular location. A slow action tip cranking rod works best on these lures, as it is more flexible rod that works the bait better and bends more when fish strike, preventing pulling the hooks out from the fish’s mouth. Crank baits can be sinking or floating baits. Several of the floating lures can be used for top water action. Cast them out and pull the rod to make the lure travel just below the surface and then slack the rod to allow it to float back to the top. This is a very effective technique in the early morning and late afternoon, when fish generally feed on top at these times. Throughout the day, lipped and sinking crank baits work well as they can reach depths to where fish are hanging out. Fish will usually hang out a deeper depths during hot days, which makes these baits a good choice, due to the fact that you can use specific ones for specific depths. These lures should mimic the types and colors of the bait fish that are usually present in those fishing locations. The more natural looking and movement of these lures to the live bait fish in your fishing spot, the likely you will experience more strikes. You often have to experiment with colors to get the more finicky fish to strike. Another good technique when using crank baits is to bump them off the rocks when possible, as the noise and movement from this maneuver greatly captures the attention of bass. Trying different speeds of retrieval and different depths and colors can change the number of strike produced. Once you discover the mood the fish are in that day, It’s Fish On!!!

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