Tips and Techniques on Surf Fishing.

surf castingpngSurf fishing is fun and exciting adventure while enjoying the beach and the surf. It is a method of fishing off the beach, shoreline or wading in the water. The surf fishing rods are extremely long, ranging from 10ft to 15ft and in some cases even longer for custom rods. The purpose of these long rods is to be able to cast beyond the surf, to prevent the surf from bringing your bait back to shore. Most people prefer a good quality Spinning Reel for the surf rods. However some use bait casting reels to get further casting distance. The best line test is 17-25lb. Works well.  FCPTackle offers a wide array of Saltwater Gear.


When casting, the technique is to use both hands and your body to through the bait as far off the shoreline as you can get to avoid being washed back. You use a heavy weight of 3oz or more to cast further and hold bait to the bottom.

There are a number of fishing tackle setups that can be used, but for simplicity the drop rig is used quite often. surf rigspng.pngIt consist of a leader and a couple of swivels with a snap for the hook and the weight that is fixed at the bottom of the rig. The second method is known as the Carolina rig or sometimes called the fishing rig. It consist of a slip snap that has a large clip to install the weight. This slip snap allows the bait to move through it while still allowing the weight to rest at the bottom. You will slide the line through the slip snap and then tie on a swivel. Then you will create a leader of 18-24 inches long and tie on a hook. I usually use a good live bait hook or a sturdy long shaft hook depending on the bait I use. You can experiment with different options as you get use to Surf Fishing. There is a huge variety of Saltwater Fishing Tackle that can be used to suit your preferences.


surf rig 2.pngOne of the most important factors after you are rigged and ready, is to scope out the fishing area at low tide.
Locate areas and structures that might be havens for various species of fish. Use the locals and the local tackle shops for their knowledge of the best locations. Most will like to talk about the fish being caught.

Once you have your spot, then the incoming tide is when you want to fish it. Catch it coming in and fish the high tide. This is the best time as the fish come inward to feed on the bait fish in the area. Figuring out the baits around is also a good idea, that way you can try to use the same types of baits the fish are feeding on. I usually use shrimp. My preference is gulp shrimp. They stay on the hook longer and can be reused several times. They also produce well do to the scents Berkley uses. I sometimes use minnows as well. If Pompano are in the area, dig up some sand fleas, they love them.

You should purchase a really good sturdy rod holder. This is important. The cheap kind can result in lost rods or damaged reels from being dragged in the sand. I use sturdy aluminum spike ones. They work well and don’t fall apart as you are burying them in the sand.

One important factor in Surf Fishing to remember, People are everywhere on the beaches, including swimming in the water. So be very mindful of them. Very easy to sling those large rods and hit someone. Also be mindful of currents and undertows if you are wading in the water. They can be very dangerous, especially if you are using waders.

The most important part of it all is have fun and catch a few rays to improve the sun tan along with the many fish species that are running through.big fishpng

You can find all the Fishing Tackle and Rods, Reels or Combos at We stock all that is needed to Saltwater Fish, Bass Fish or Surf Fish.

Good Luck and Happy Catch!! Remember to take a kid fishing!!

Get them hooked for life!   



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